Change of status

May 6, 2013

Ok, so I get my annual performance evaluation, for the most part pretty good numbers, and then for the last thing. My boss drops the bomb on me; you are being changed from exempt to non-exempt! What does this mean, well let me tell you, it means I go from being paid a salary to having to clock in and out. I have worked here about five years plus and been paid a salary, always thought that was right for an IT Professional. Now it seems that since I do not “manage” someone that makes it, according to my boss’s boss illegal to pay me a salary. I was even paid a salary when I worked part time for this company and now I am no longer considered a professional, I guess. So, I get to work on Monday the 6th to start my stint as a non-exempt, hourly, non-professional worker and I go to clock in and, (place loud error buzzer sound here) I can’t because the payroll section has gotten the paperwork to change my status. Even though, I was told that the whole company had gone to this and we, the central division were the last to do it. Now I get the notice they have changed my status and I am now able to clock in, and then the phone call to reiterate that fact and to let me know I have to approve my time. This is to be sure that what I put in is what I worked and no one has changed my hours? The only people that should have access to my time is myself, my boss, his boss, and the payroll personnel. Who would change my time? Oh that’s right there are other people that have the ability to edit not only their time but others, so much for checks and balance. I normally don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but this really starts to smack of let’s see if we can do to piss them off enough to quit. I would really like to just walk away; however, I seem to have some sort of problem with that. I have developed a misguided sense of self-worth based on whether or not I am working, in other words, no job no self-worth. Kind of strange when if you had known me earlier in my life, I was very happy to not be working and would pretty much quit at the drop of a hat. Now I like to work, too weird. I used to like to get up and come to work, now, not so much. The only thing I can say for now is, guess I’ll wait and see what happens next and go from there.

Stay tuned.


April 18, 2013

So, I have just been accused of “liberal bigotry” because I question the patriotism of some politicians, who in this case, happen to be Republicans. I find that just a bit offensive as I have stated before, I don’t trust any “professional” politician. I feel that our political parties have reached a point that they focus on their personal agendas and the agendas of the lobbyists that line their pockets with contributions and trips and gifts. They no longer represent the people that have placed them in this confortable job collecting massive amounts of money and perks to sit on their ass and talk in legalize speak so that the regular person cannot understand what is being said. If we could find one person in the political parties, either one, that had a “set” to stand up and throw the bullshit flag on what is going on with the pork projects and ridiculous political spending it would be a miracle. Of course we know that would be “political suicide” and no one would dare do that! God forbid that these fat cat rat bastards would really represent those that elected them.
We the people, that phrase starts the Constitution of the United States, I cannot and will not believe that our Founding Fathers meant that to mean those that pay me the most money to support their companies. We need representation that is what the whole thing is about. “No Taxation without representation” a battle cry that the country rallied around years ago, so how about now “No representation, no job”? Our politicians, ALL OF THEM, need to prove their worth in office. If they cannot show that they have really accomplished something then they need to leave and we need to get someone that will do something for us. These folks get automatic raises, why? We didn’t say they could, they said they could, no I don’t think so. That smacks of conflict of interest, and the law that granted that should be thrown out and all monies collected from its inception should be forfeit. Politicians should get a raise that, WE THE PEOPLE” vote on. If they vote doesn’t pass, they don’t get more money. Simple process, they prove they are worth is and they get it, they can’t prove it, no raise and then they leave office. Personal agendas will be gone, lobbyists agendas, gone, big business agendas, gone. Just like a flat tax, easy and simple, the government gets its fair share because we all pay our fair share. No deductions, no exemptions, just a plain and simple percentage for all to pay. You make more you pay more, what is so difficult to understand about that? We need to hold our government, city, state, and federal accountable for what they do and for what they do not do.

When I post something

March 18, 2013

I post things on Facebook because I like them or feel the necessity to comment on them, I also sometimes just want to share with my FB friends. I don’t post anything to try and change your mind or make you think like I do. If I find something that is of a political subject I don’t expect you to blindly go along with it even if it says what you agree with or think. By the same token I would not expect you to blindly accept and blindly spout the rhetoric that is used by the opponents of the idea. Look it up, check the facts, and agree to disagree. I put something out that was expounded by the Democrats don’t automatically tell me and others that “it’s a lie by the Democrats to discredit the Republicans!” and if I quote the Republicans don’t tell me how it is “a lie because the Republicans can’t tell the truth!” I don’t care I don’t like career politicians. Those guys have created a nest that is lined with our tax dollars and they will not do anything that THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO. Term limitations should have been the law of the land a long time ago. Just because you did a god job in the first couple of years that doesn’t mean that you will continue to do so. An accounting, an accurate accounting of what our so called “representatives” have done at the end of each year should be made available to us, so we can see what they have or have not done. Attendance records and voting records, and what amount of “Pork” they have supported and for whom. There is no reason that we should not hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. We put them there and we can through the due process, take them out and put someone that will represent the majority. Our government, our politicians, our laws, our country. Over 200 years we have been a major power in the world supporting the freedoms that we have fought for, don’t let all that war and bloodshed go for nothing because we let a bunch of fat, cat, rat bastards talk us into fighting with each other instead of holding them to the tasks that WE ELECTED THEM TO DO.

Trying to Understand

September 17, 2012

Ok, I admit it, I do not understand the Muslim people nor do I understand the Islam religion, however, I live in a country that encourages religious tolerance. I understand why we are asked to understand that not all of Islam or not all Muslim people are represented by the select group known as the Taliban or other extremist groups and we should not condemn an entire race or religion for the acts of just a small radical group. Additionally I don’t understand why it is that in 1988 Salman Rushdie wrote “The Satanic Verses” and had to go into hiding, because he wrote a book. There was no global outcry towards the British, yet a small group of Americans produce a movie unflattering to the prophet Mohammed and ALL OF AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS are held in contempt and some are even killed. We all didn’t make the movie, we all didn’t watch the movie and we all certainly do not support the movie, so why, again, WHY are all Americans condemned for the actions of a few misguided money hungry, apparently, possibly, crooked individuals? We want to end the wars, no one wants to have to fight wars, yet with reactions like this we are forced into a defensive posture that initiates more violence and prejudice. There are US trained personnel that are turning on their trainers and mentors and killing them for something they had no connection.
I have to ask again, WHY are we all being blamed for the actions of a select few? You want us to not judge you by the actions of a select few of your countrymen, then, please don’t do that to us.

The Elite few.

August 9, 2012

So the presidential race starts to get ugly. Any wonder, since now we have created an elitist race of politicians who spend millions of dollars on getting into an office that gives them power. They do this to get the power, not to do some good, not to make a difference, to get power and to ensure that they never really have to work again and still receive a nice fat paycheck that will well exceed anything that we, the voters, their so called constituents will ever see much less have to ensure our old age. It is almost humorous that the one question that no one asks these politicians is, “why do you really want to be President?” they tell us what they are going to do, how they will work for a bipartisan understanding and cooperation, however, they never tell us I want to be your President because, “I want to make a difference”. How can they do this to us? We have let them. No one has yet to point a finger and say why did you do this? Why did you spend millions and millions of dollars on finding out how much methane a cow produces? The pork projects that have been funded should be placed in front of the voters that will have to fund them and let us decided if that is what we want our money to go to. We need to stand up and tell Washington that they no longer have a blank check to spend our money on their pet projects. We need to tell them that they will no longer have a free ride for minimal service. We need to tell them that their free ride is over and if you cannot produce, just like any employee you will be fired and replaced by someone who will do the job. The two party system was a good idea; unfortunately we now have a three caste system, politicians, the middle class and the poor. We need to stop allowing the politicians to feed their ego and their wallets on our money. Politicians that outsource jobs in their company to another country should be forced to resign their position. A company wants tax breaks; they need to show that they have a plan to create jobs for Americans. We need to take care of our own first, and then we can be concerned about the rest of the world. A last thought, what would happen if all the money spent just trying to get elected went to helping people, or to the national debt?

Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2011

Veteran’s Day, or if you are old enough Armistice Day. We look to the past to remember those that have given their lives to protect our freedom. We also look at those around us that have served and are serving and tip our hat and say “thank you” for your service. I had the privilege of serving with many others in the Air Force Reserves and I want to say a special thanks to those that were there with me. I had some fantastic commanders, especially in the Space Command, and some incredible fellow airmen throughout my career in the Airlift Command as well as the Space Command. There are many fond memories of hard work and long hours that resulted in unit awards; however, those pale in comparison to what our parents and grandparents went through in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Those that now serve in Iraq and Afghanistan we salute you all and pray for your swift and safe return. We all took the oath to “protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And to obey the lawful orders of our commanders and those of the Commander in Chief.” We took that oath willingly and it meant something, to us and to anyone that made a career of the military. At times being in the military was not popular, but, we stayed the course and even though some of our friends didn’t’ agree with what we did, I never had a Veteran’s Day go by without them thanking me for my service. I want to thank my Father and my Grandfather; they showed me what it meant to be a military man. I served and I am proud of it.

What happened to…?

September 8, 2011

Where have they all gone? What happened to the protesters of the 60’s? What happened to those people that felt so strong about issues that they would risk arrest or even injury? Why is it I see those are the ones that are at the forefront of the problems today? We stood up for what was right, we fought for equality, we rose up to protest the Vietnam War, we spoke out against the establishment and now…nothing. Silence. The voice of the people is silent. The country is going broke, the government is selling us out to China, our companies are out sourcing to India and our children and homeless are going hungry. Our Veterans are losing their benefits, the government wants to push the social security age even further so it is even more difficult to collect on what you have paid in. And we stand there and take it! We don’t shout NO this is our country and we will run it. This is our money and you can’t have it. This is our life and we will decide what will be done with it. The government has consistently done what they want to us time and time again, isn’t it time we said that is enough? We elect them to represent us, to do what we want and need done, not what they want to do or what will line their pockets with the profits from their pork projects. When they do that they need to be removed and replaced with someone who will represent us the right way. What ever happened to the Congressman or Senator who was going to put a stop to the automatic raises on Capitol Hill? Got quiet real quick didn’t he? Why do we let them do this? We have the power to stop it; however, we don’t use it. The right to vote is powerful and our voice must be heard by those in office. Make the phone calls write the emails and letters, sooner or later they will see we mean business and they will have to represent us appropriately or run the risk of impeachment or a vote of “no confidence” and they will no longer have the luxury of lobbyists to shower them with gifts and trip and whatever else they feel will allow them to get their way.