Change of status

May 6, 2013

Ok, so I get my annual performance evaluation, for the most part pretty good numbers, and then for the last thing. My boss drops the bomb on me; you are being changed from exempt to non-exempt! What does this mean, well let me tell you, it means I go from being paid a salary to having to clock in and out. I have worked here about five years plus and been paid a salary, always thought that was right for an IT Professional. Now it seems that since I do not “manage” someone that makes it, according to my boss’s boss illegal to pay me a salary. I was even paid a salary when I worked part time for this company and now I am no longer considered a professional, I guess. So, I get to work on Monday the 6th to start my stint as a non-exempt, hourly, non-professional worker and I go to clock in and, (place loud error buzzer sound here) I can’t because the payroll section has gotten the paperwork to change my status. Even though, I was told that the whole company had gone to this and we, the central division were the last to do it. Now I get the notice they have changed my status and I am now able to clock in, and then the phone call to reiterate that fact and to let me know I have to approve my time. This is to be sure that what I put in is what I worked and no one has changed my hours? The only people that should have access to my time is myself, my boss, his boss, and the payroll personnel. Who would change my time? Oh that’s right there are other people that have the ability to edit not only their time but others, so much for checks and balance. I normally don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but this really starts to smack of let’s see if we can do to piss them off enough to quit. I would really like to just walk away; however, I seem to have some sort of problem with that. I have developed a misguided sense of self-worth based on whether or not I am working, in other words, no job no self-worth. Kind of strange when if you had known me earlier in my life, I was very happy to not be working and would pretty much quit at the drop of a hat. Now I like to work, too weird. I used to like to get up and come to work, now, not so much. The only thing I can say for now is, guess I’ll wait and see what happens next and go from there.

Stay tuned.