April 18, 2013

So, I have just been accused of “liberal bigotry” because I question the patriotism of some politicians, who in this case, happen to be Republicans. I find that just a bit offensive as I have stated before, I don’t trust any “professional” politician. I feel that our political parties have reached a point that they focus on their personal agendas and the agendas of the lobbyists that line their pockets with contributions and trips and gifts. They no longer represent the people that have placed them in this confortable job collecting massive amounts of money and perks to sit on their ass and talk in legalize speak so that the regular person cannot understand what is being said. If we could find one person in the political parties, either one, that had a “set” to stand up and throw the bullshit flag on what is going on with the pork projects and ridiculous political spending it would be a miracle. Of course we know that would be “political suicide” and no one would dare do that! God forbid that these fat cat rat bastards would really represent those that elected them.
We the people, that phrase starts the Constitution of the United States, I cannot and will not believe that our Founding Fathers meant that to mean those that pay me the most money to support their companies. We need representation that is what the whole thing is about. “No Taxation without representation” a battle cry that the country rallied around years ago, so how about now “No representation, no job”? Our politicians, ALL OF THEM, need to prove their worth in office. If they cannot show that they have really accomplished something then they need to leave and we need to get someone that will do something for us. These folks get automatic raises, why? We didn’t say they could, they said they could, no I don’t think so. That smacks of conflict of interest, and the law that granted that should be thrown out and all monies collected from its inception should be forfeit. Politicians should get a raise that, WE THE PEOPLE” vote on. If they vote doesn’t pass, they don’t get more money. Simple process, they prove they are worth is and they get it, they can’t prove it, no raise and then they leave office. Personal agendas will be gone, lobbyists agendas, gone, big business agendas, gone. Just like a flat tax, easy and simple, the government gets its fair share because we all pay our fair share. No deductions, no exemptions, just a plain and simple percentage for all to pay. You make more you pay more, what is so difficult to understand about that? We need to hold our government, city, state, and federal accountable for what they do and for what they do not do.