When I post something

March 18, 2013

I post things on Facebook because I like them or feel the necessity to comment on them, I also sometimes just want to share with my FB friends. I don’t post anything to try and change your mind or make you think like I do. If I find something that is of a political subject I don’t expect you to blindly go along with it even if it says what you agree with or think. By the same token I would not expect you to blindly accept and blindly spout the rhetoric that is used by the opponents of the idea. Look it up, check the facts, and agree to disagree. I put something out that was expounded by the Democrats don’t automatically tell me and others that “it’s a lie by the Democrats to discredit the Republicans!” and if I quote the Republicans don’t tell me how it is “a lie because the Republicans can’t tell the truth!” I don’t care I don’t like career politicians. Those guys have created a nest that is lined with our tax dollars and they will not do anything that THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO. Term limitations should have been the law of the land a long time ago. Just because you did a god job in the first couple of years that doesn’t mean that you will continue to do so. An accounting, an accurate accounting of what our so called “representatives” have done at the end of each year should be made available to us, so we can see what they have or have not done. Attendance records and voting records, and what amount of “Pork” they have supported and for whom. There is no reason that we should not hold our elected officials accountable for their actions. We put them there and we can through the due process, take them out and put someone that will represent the majority. Our government, our politicians, our laws, our country. Over 200 years we have been a major power in the world supporting the freedoms that we have fought for, don’t let all that war and bloodshed go for nothing because we let a bunch of fat, cat, rat bastards talk us into fighting with each other instead of holding them to the tasks that WE ELECTED THEM TO DO.