Trying to Understand

September 17, 2012

Ok, I admit it, I do not understand the Muslim people nor do I understand the Islam religion, however, I live in a country that encourages religious tolerance. I understand why we are asked to understand that not all of Islam or not all Muslim people are represented by the select group known as the Taliban or other extremist groups and we should not condemn an entire race or religion for the acts of just a small radical group. Additionally I don’t understand why it is that in 1988 Salman Rushdie wrote “The Satanic Verses” and had to go into hiding, because he wrote a book. There was no global outcry towards the British, yet a small group of Americans produce a movie unflattering to the prophet Mohammed and ALL OF AMERICA AND ALL AMERICANS are held in contempt and some are even killed. We all didn’t make the movie, we all didn’t watch the movie and we all certainly do not support the movie, so why, again, WHY are all Americans condemned for the actions of a few misguided money hungry, apparently, possibly, crooked individuals? We want to end the wars, no one wants to have to fight wars, yet with reactions like this we are forced into a defensive posture that initiates more violence and prejudice. There are US trained personnel that are turning on their trainers and mentors and killing them for something they had no connection.
I have to ask again, WHY are we all being blamed for the actions of a select few? You want us to not judge you by the actions of a select few of your countrymen, then, please don’t do that to us.