The Elite few.

August 9, 2012

So the presidential race starts to get ugly. Any wonder, since now we have created an elitist race of politicians who spend millions of dollars on getting into an office that gives them power. They do this to get the power, not to do some good, not to make a difference, to get power and to ensure that they never really have to work again and still receive a nice fat paycheck that will well exceed anything that we, the voters, their so called constituents will ever see much less have to ensure our old age. It is almost humorous that the one question that no one asks these politicians is, “why do you really want to be President?” they tell us what they are going to do, how they will work for a bipartisan understanding and cooperation, however, they never tell us I want to be your President because, “I want to make a difference”. How can they do this to us? We have let them. No one has yet to point a finger and say why did you do this? Why did you spend millions and millions of dollars on finding out how much methane a cow produces? The pork projects that have been funded should be placed in front of the voters that will have to fund them and let us decided if that is what we want our money to go to. We need to stand up and tell Washington that they no longer have a blank check to spend our money on their pet projects. We need to tell them that they will no longer have a free ride for minimal service. We need to tell them that their free ride is over and if you cannot produce, just like any employee you will be fired and replaced by someone who will do the job. The two party system was a good idea; unfortunately we now have a three caste system, politicians, the middle class and the poor. We need to stop allowing the politicians to feed their ego and their wallets on our money. Politicians that outsource jobs in their company to another country should be forced to resign their position. A company wants tax breaks; they need to show that they have a plan to create jobs for Americans. We need to take care of our own first, and then we can be concerned about the rest of the world. A last thought, what would happen if all the money spent just trying to get elected went to helping people, or to the national debt?