What happened to…?

September 8, 2011

Where have they all gone? What happened to the protesters of the 60’s? What happened to those people that felt so strong about issues that they would risk arrest or even injury? Why is it I see those are the ones that are at the forefront of the problems today? We stood up for what was right, we fought for equality, we rose up to protest the Vietnam War, we spoke out against the establishment and now…nothing. Silence. The voice of the people is silent. The country is going broke, the government is selling us out to China, our companies are out sourcing to India and our children and homeless are going hungry. Our Veterans are losing their benefits, the government wants to push the social security age even further so it is even more difficult to collect on what you have paid in. And we stand there and take it! We don’t shout NO this is our country and we will run it. This is our money and you can’t have it. This is our life and we will decide what will be done with it. The government has consistently done what they want to us time and time again, isn’t it time we said that is enough? We elect them to represent us, to do what we want and need done, not what they want to do or what will line their pockets with the profits from their pork projects. When they do that they need to be removed and replaced with someone who will represent us the right way. What ever happened to the Congressman or Senator who was going to put a stop to the automatic raises on Capitol Hill? Got quiet real quick didn’t he? Why do we let them do this? We have the power to stop it; however, we don’t use it. The right to vote is powerful and our voice must be heard by those in office. Make the phone calls write the emails and letters, sooner or later they will see we mean business and they will have to represent us appropriately or run the risk of impeachment or a vote of “no confidence” and they will no longer have the luxury of lobbyists to shower them with gifts and trip and whatever else they feel will allow them to get their way.