What is really Wrong Here?

LeBron James leaves his team and they are up in arms, burn his jersey, tear his picture. A football player fights dogs, he is arrested vilified and then after time served back to being the team savior. A baseball player says he didn’t use steroids, a manger says he did, call a congressional hearing, string him up!
Wait a minute! What about social security? Some folks can’t collect till they are 67 now. The country’s debt is in the trillions but the congress and senate get their raises. Where is the outrage? Where is the accountability? We elected these people to represent us and support us, not the lobbies and big business. Why don’t we have a flat tax? In 1973 a study said that a 10% across the board would result in a balanced budget and a monetary excess within three years, what happened to common sense? Why do we let these politicians continue to run rampant over our rights, the ones that they are supposed to uphold and support. We elect them and they go on to do whatever they want with impunity and we suffer the consequences. Cities go broke, social security is ravaged, the arts suffer, the needy are punished. What happened to our government? We need to extract accountability from our elected officials starting at the city level and moving on up to the federal. If they know we will not take what they dish out then and then only will we be able to take back out government.


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