Hindsight is 20/20 but Foresight can be dangerous

June 23, 2011

I belonged to…
I was this
I did that
Why is it we use what we have done to define us and not what we are going to do? Is the past so defining that we cannot live for the future?
I am going to do this
I will accomplish that
I look forward to this
Why can’t we define ourselves by what we will do? Is the future so uncertain we can’t see far enough ahead or plan far enough ahead that we are or will be proud of what we will do? Are we so uncertain of our success that we have to dwell on past accomplishments and not on what we want to do? I do it; I believe we all do it, except for a select few. Fear of failure is the driving factor. If I don’t tell you what I am going to do or want to do ahead of time then you will never know if I fail at something. If all I tell you about is what I have done then, guess what? I’m a success to you, never mind the things I tried to do and either failed or was just unable to grasp the concept or even just learn how. Piano, organ, guitar, scuba diving, choir, these are a few of the things I tried and never got the hang of, or wasn’t very good at. Speech and theatre and computers, now there are some things that I can do fairly well at least I was able to in the past! I will tell you I plan to continue to try and grow in the theatre and learn more with computers, not so much speech now though. We need to live for tomorrow because yesterday will never be as good as we remember it.