Where Have all the Writers Gone?

Ah Reality TV, the REAL vast wasteland. Operation Repo, Ax Men, Survivor, Ice Road Truckers, Hard Core Pawn, Pawn Stars, Jersey Shore, Flying Wild Alaska, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, Alaska Gold, Cops, Las Vegas jail, the list goes on and on. Where are the quality sit-coms, dramas and science fiction programs that filled the air, what 20 years ago? Programs that provoked thought, conversation, laughter and tears, you know programs with substance. We have a few, a very few that are of that caliber, mainly they give someone a camera and point it at people that are not afraid to show millions of people that they are idiots and have no shame or pride. I need money, as much as I can get for something that is valuable so do I sell it on EBay, or take it to an auction house or try to find a collector, NO I take it to a pawn shop and don’t get even close to what it could be worth. Let’s get several other people that have been fired and are losing their homes and take all our money and very little research or planning and go mine gold in Alaska, oh yeah let’s take small children and women too, that way they can enjoy the risks and the bears! Why not go to an island with several strangers and try and back stab and plot our way to the top of the pile. I watch a couple of these, I will admit, however, I choose the ones that show us the results of bad choices or seem to educate in a small way. “Everybody has their fifteen minutes of fame” Andy Warhol said once, why oh why has that fifteen minutes stretched into a weekly series and generated a populace that is willing to degrade themselves to “entertain” anybody?


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