Oil and water, or seawater that is.

We look at the BP debacle and I have to wonder about big corporations and their risk management teams. In the Air Force you had risk assessments and had to figure out what was “acceptable” and what was not. I get the feeling that the risk assessment consisted only of the upper management (read CEO, COO, etc…) of BP thinking that “we are going to risk not collecting millions of dollars if you don’t get that oil!” No thought to what could or might or would happen if the well failed, blew up, blew out or just plain started to leak. Why, why, why didn’t anybody ask, “What do we do if it springs a leak?” Common sense would dictate that question and not garner a response of “well this worked before, just not at 5000 feet below the surface, so it SHOULD work”. That is just too much garbage; any offshore drilling should be approached with the concept that it could totally destroy the world’s oceans. And guess what, once the ocean is gone, it is gone. We need to realize what is necessary and what is expedient and what we are willing to risk to make life better for all not just a few.

Now weeks later BP has made no progress.  Where is accountability? Why are the heads of BP allowed to continue? They should be fired and held for trial for attempted murder of the Gulf and the Ocean!


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